Application Review Process

Each year the committee will meet (in person or electronically or both) in January, May and October to review applications for CPM status, and will review all applications received on or before the 15th day of January, May and October respectively.  There must be at least three members at these meetings and a super majority vote of the members in attendance is required to approve an application for CPM status.  Committee decisions of approval or denial will be sent to the IMA administrator for ultimate delivery to the applicant.

If the applicant meets all IMA standards and requirements, the applicant will receive an approval letter, as well as a CPM certificate and CPM number.

If the application is denied or deemed insufficient, the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision, along with the missing items to be supplied, if any.

If an application for CPM status is denied twice, the applicant will have to wait one year before a subsequent application will be considered and pay an additional application fee.

Appeal Process

An IMA Appeals Panel is a volunteer panel of three (3) members in good standing, appointed by the Chair of the Standards & Practices Committee.

An Appeals Panel reviews the application and has authority to:

1. Reverse the earlier decision; OR

2. Deny the appeal.

Requesting a Sabbatical

The sabbatical program is an option for a Certified Professional Mediator (CPM) who wishes to stop practicing and obtaining CEUs for a period of time while maintaining their CPM status. CPMs can request that they be placed on Sabbatical. Contact the IMA administrator; 

For CPMs on Sabbatical, the following rules apply:

      • IMA Bylaws state that elected Officers (Executive Board) members must be Certified Professional Mediators.  Therefore, Executive Board members cannot be placed on Sabbatical.
      • IMA Bylaws state that elected Board Directors may be General members or Certified Professional Mediators. Therefore, Board Directors may be placed on Sabbatical.
      • While on Sabbatical, "CPM" will be removed from the person's name on the website and be replaced with "On Sabbatical" to indicate their non-practicing status.
      • While on Sabbatical, a mediator may not advertise or otherwise hold themselves out as an Idaho Mediation Association Certified Professional Mediator.
      • A person on Sabbatical must pay the annual General membership dues of $45.
      • When wishing to reinstate their CPM status, the applicant must provide 20 hours of CEUs taken within the 12 months previous to the reinstatement request, pay the CEU processing fee of $30, a $50 reinstatement fee, and pay their current year's dues at the CPM level rate of $100.


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